The Mainstream Media And Julian Assange – Beyond Words…..

Read this……. and weep, or better still, reach for a zinc bucket.

4 responses to “The Mainstream Media And Julian Assange – Beyond Words…..

  1. And it is not just the mainstream media that has been part of the conspiracy to frame Assange.
    The pseudo-lefts have also joined in.
    Both in slandering Assange under the reactionary umbrella of MeToo, and then suppressing him into a non-person. From this, and the many other insidious actions of the phoney lefts (trying to stop workers from breaking from the rotten trade unions) one can only draw the conclusion that these ‘lefts’ are bought and paid for servants of imperialism.

  2. Barry Gilheany

    How is calling out sexual abuse by the rich and powerful under the umbrella of #MeToo “reactionary”?

  3. Barry Gilheany

    So all of Weinstein’s victims were crying wolf in order to secure a big pay day? You have little knowledge it seems of the power dynamic that is played out where sexual harassment and abuse is institutionalised.

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