Mondoweiss On The Silwan Eviction Crisis….

You can read it here…..

One response to “Mondoweiss On The Silwan Eviction Crisis….

  1. In Israel there is unarticulated opposition to the savagery of Zionism.
    Zionism speaks for the interests of the ruling class in Israel and for the imperialist powers of America and Europe. The constant war footing and violence of the Zionist power is in the final analysis designed to cause turmoil in Israel itself and forestall the development of mass opposition. Both Jewish and Arab. Most importantly Jewish and Arab together.
    Similarly in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel’s barbarism helps to maintain the Arab nationalists in control.
    In Ireland Sinn Fein and the DUP know what is expected of them from the British , and Irish, ruling class. Work might and main to divide the working class. We can see that before our eyes.
    The same method is used the world over.
    “Palestinians demand end of Abbas presidency after death of activist”

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