Monthly Archives: December 2022

New CIA Traces In JFK Assassination…….

Recently declassified US government documents shed some intriguing light on the role of the CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of JFK. You can read about them here…..

Are There Lessons For The North In This Account Of Israel-Palestinian Relationships?

It can be found in the current (Sunday) edition of The New York Times written by, of all people, Thomas Friedman, who is not known for his criticism of the Israeli state.You can read it here….

Britain’s Secret Propaganda War In Vietnam

Courtesy of Consortium News magazine. The same people involved in those black arts, the Foreign Office’s Information Research Department (IRD), were active in Belfast in the early 70’s. You can read it here.

Who Was To Blame For The Northern Troubles?

Ulster University’s Emmet O’Connor has penned a weighty response to Liam Kennedy’s much-praised work (at least in some circles): ‘Who was responsible for the Troubles?’ Answer: mostly the Provos. O’Connor begs to differ with a conclusion he judges as too simplistic, as you can read here in the February edition of the Dublin Review of Books (for which I thank MH). Enjoy….