NYTimes Video Probe Of Capitol Riot Poses More Questions Than Answers…

It is a great piece of investigative journalism but after watching it – which you can here – I am left wondering that if the crowd had been Black or left-wing, rather than White Trumpite rednecks, how many policemen would have reached for their guns long before the crowd had taken even a few steps towards the Capitol building?

One response to “NYTimes Video Probe Of Capitol Riot Poses More Questions Than Answers…

  1. Your previous comment on Julian Assange raises just that question also – who is in the sights of the state’s “bodies of armed men”?
    The New York Times endlessly promotes the lie that the Democratic Party is a defender of rights.
    The Democrats are a party of war and repression. A party of the oligarchs. The violence that Washington exports around the world will be unleashed at home. The American people need to clear the decks of their enemies, their false leaders. So that they can organise politically to take on and defeat the imperialist war machine.
    The Democrats, the unions, the pseudo lefts all stand in the way of working class development. That’s their role.

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