Voices from the Grave: Two Men’s War in Ireland (2010)

A sensational book that will drag the truth about the war in Northern Ireland further into the light than ever before.

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“Onetime IRA commander in Belfast [Brendan] Hughes’s memories of the conflict in Northern Ireland, together with those of the former Ulster Volunteer Force gunman and Progressive Unionist leader, David Ervine, form the centrepiece of Ed Moloney’s moving new book, which traces the conflict from their often diametrically opposed perspectives…Moloney’s book expertly interweaves the two men’s recollections with a detailed narrative of the conflict.” –Telegraph

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Voices from the Grave is an original and revealing contribution to recent Irish history, the result of an ambitious oral history project overseen by Boston College … [The] accounts are skilfully stitched together and given context by Ed Moloney’s expert commentary. The structure is a triumph for it allows the men to speak for themselves about what drove them to commit their vile deeds … Moloney’s startling book, and the dogged work of Boston College, offer Northern Ireland help in finding the way back.” –Sunday Times

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Paisley: From Demagogue to Democrat? (2008)

Ian Paisley’s journey is extraordinary for the sheer distance it has spanned, a journey unequalled in Irish history. But why did Paisley do it? Why did he put aside years of hostility to all things Irish, Nationalist and Catholic to go into government with the IRA’s political wing? This book is an attempt to answer that question.

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“Just when the canon of literature on the Northern Ireland Troubles seemed pretty much complete, along come two books which add to it hugely. One comes from journalist Ed Moloney…one of Belfast’s finest…Moloney burrows further into the closed world of the DUP than anyone before, exposing the internal machinations needed to convert an apparently utterly negative party into one willing to go into government with republicans.” –Independent


A Secret History of the IRA (2003; updated 2007)

Praised as the most compelling and comprehensive history of the highly secretive organizaton, this #1 UK bestseller has been updated to include the history of the peace process through 2007.

“The best history of Ireland’s — and arguably the world’s — most enduring paramilitary movement ever to be written” —Observer

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“Extraordinary ….Moloney has better sources in the IRA than any other journalist and when he describes Adams as a senior figure in the secret army, along with Martin McGuinness, one is inclined to pay attention” —Independent

“This dramatic book…spectacularly combines Mr Moloney’s celebrated talent as an expert reporter with some of the ingredients of a Le Carré thriller” —Irish Times

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  1. A trilogy of great books which should be on everyones bookshelf, a significant work in helping not only to relate recent history but in presenting it in a well researched and and searching fashion.

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