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America Is Now One Vast Lunatic Asylum

From Axios

‘So Much For Tranformational Joe’:

Matt Taibii punctures the Joe Biden balloon. You can read it here.

‘Going Beserk’ – When The Black And Tans Went To Palestine…

Ever wondered what happened to the Black and Tans after the Treaty was signed in 1921? Well, here’s your answer. They went to Palestine, first to put the boot into the Jews and then into the Arabs. Plus ca change…..Thanks to MM for the tip.

Myers On The Ballymurphy Massacre…

Great piece by Kevin Myers, and a useful reminder of how the Paras behaved in working class areas of the North (and as Loyalists of that date can attest they were as brutal on the Shankill or lower Newtowards Rd as they were in Ballymurphy). You can read the piece here.

More Worms Turning On Israel….

Clashes In New York’s Diamond District Over Gaza…..

For readers unfamiliar with New York, the Diamond district is in midtown Manhattan, 47th Street and Fifth Avenue and is strongly Jewish……(thanks to MMG for the tip)

Far Right Israeli Groups Used Internet To Organise Mob Attacks On Palestinians….

This article is important not just for its content but because it appeared in The New York Times, for long regarded as one of America’s least Israel-critical newspapers. Netanyahu’s government in Tel Aviv would be foolish not to take note. The content is disturbing not least because it is reminiscent of the sort of organised thuggery that German Nazis deployed against Jews as a prelude to the holocaust. You can read it here.

Israel Is Now An Apartheid State….

That is the description which appears more than any other in the vast majority of reports worldwide about the recent violence meted out against the Palestinians of Gaza. Israel treats the people under its control in Gaza in the same way as white South Africans dealt with their Black subjects – with contempt, disproportionate violence and arrogance. Israel had got away with it so often, it assumed it would be the same this time. Big mistake. The lesson to Hamas is straightforward: stop while you’re ahead. You’ve won this battle hands down. The game is yours to lose.

The Worm Is Turning On Israel In Biden’s Democrats….

At least in New York, where Democrat Senate leader, Chuck Shumer may face a primary challenge for his Senate seat, writes Mondoweiss founder Philip Weiss, from AOC who has called Israel ‘an apartheid state’, reflecting a growing grassroots anger at Israel’s treatment of Gaza in the Democratic Party.


I Never Realised Kitson Was So Small….