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A Podcast History Of Noraid…..

Documentary film-maker Nate Lavey and Michael McCanne have combined forces to produce “Foreign Agent”, a six-part history of Irish Northern Aid, aka Noraid, a valuable addition to the uncensored story of the Troubles….enjoy!

John Mearsheimer On The War In Ukraine….

Well known for ‘The Israel Lobby‘, his incisive study of Israel’s relationship with the US, co-written with Steven Walt, Mearscheimer takes a hard look at the war in Ukraine. You can watch and listen here…..

Of Hard Borders And Protocols

I think it is appropriate to re-visit a few pieces I wrote some time ago about the burgeoning crisis over the ‘Hard Border’ controversy, given the escalating conflict between the EC and the British over Boris Johnson’s decision to scrap the European Protocol which created an Irish Border in the middle of the sea separating the two islands.

Here is one piece; and another; and one more. Enjoy…….

An Interesting IRA Book On The Way?

The view of an IRA activist who operated on both sides of the Atlantic:

A Chilean Leftist Takes Power – Too Good To Be True?

Chile’s new president tells The New Yorker: ’Gabriel Boric, who is thirty-six, campaigned on a revolutionary-sounding slogan: “If Chile was the cradle of neoliberalism, it will also be its grave.” Hmm. We’ll see about that……

You can read the article here: