Mass Graves For Unclaimed Corona Victims In New York

The bodies of Covid-19 victims in New York City which have not been claimed by relatives are being buried on Hart Island off the coast of the Bronx. Over the years Hart Island has been the site of a sanatorium for tuberculosis victims, a women’s insane asylum and a boys reformatory. In other words an ideal location for a really creepy horror movie. It is also the site of graves for unclaimed bodies, i.e. Mostly street people. Apparently since the Coronavirus pandemic began there has been a five fold increase in unclaimed bodies in New York City. You can read all about Hart Island  here.  There is also a video which you can view here. Thanks to DS for the tip.

2 responses to “Mass Graves For Unclaimed Corona Victims In New York

  1. Trillions of dollars, billions of Euro, billions of pounds – and in countries all over the world – are emptied into the bottomless pit of the financial vampires.

    Care institutions for the elderly, disabled, mentally ill, prisoners…..
    Install showers outside. Fresh scrubs and footware. To be used on entry and exit by staff. With fresh PPE inside.

    How much would that cost?

  2. These scenes would be used as a pretext for US military intervention if they were filmed in Venezuela or Nicaragua.

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