Whatever Has Happened To Sinn Fein In The South?

It seems that the Coronavirus has done more than kill or knock people sideways in Ireland. It also appears to have paralyzed Sinn Fein. Only a few months ago the world, or at least that part of it south of the Irish Border, was SF’s oyster. Now it looks as if the party which was on the brink of such great things, hardly exists, such has been SF’ quietude on the matter. So, if there is anyone out there who has detected life in that party, who knows, for instance, whether MLMcD is still in the land of the living or whether the party has anything to say about the Covid-19 crisis, please drop me a line at thebrokenelbow.com.

2 responses to “Whatever Has Happened To Sinn Fein In The South?

  1. “Sinn Féin is pro-enterprise – Adams”

    Like the pseudo -lefts of the SWP’s People Before Profit (heaven forbid they call themselves ‘People Not Profit’), and the Socialist Party’s Solidarity, Sinn Fein know the rules of the game.
    Hot air about some inequalities; but keep the system on the road by stopping the development of a mass socialist movement.

    The Covid-19 pandemic as shaken the world capitalist system to its core.
    In these mortally dangerous times for the ruling class the con artists of Sinn Fein and the pseudo-lefts understand that they must not rock the boat. Even with mealy mouthed platitudes.

    So they have all gone to ground.

    They will certainly get themselves out front, and will be ably assisted in doing so by the press and media, when mass action by the working class emerges.
    Their role is to sabotage such mass action.

  2. I think Mary Lou and Gerry have been disappeared. The teddy bear however has been spotted in Donegal though it is believed to be in self isolation

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