Gawker’s Story On Epstein’s ‘Black Book’

Back in January 2015, the late, lamented online magazine Gawker published the contents of a little black book containing the names and contact details of friends of multi-billionaire and convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, who yesterday (Monday) was charged by US federal prosecutors in New York with sex offences involving girls as young as fourteen years old.

Rumours and reports, as yet unconfirmed, have linked Epstein with a sex ring of notable personalities, ranging from Donald Trump and Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew and former Israeli PM, Ehud Barak, who are alleged to have participated in sex parties with under-age girls on his Caribbean island.

Hence the interest in the black book unearthed by Gawker, an interest fueled by speculation that the US, and possibly the British Royal family may soon be pitched into a sensational sex scandal.

At the weekend, FBI agents and NYPD officers raided Epstein’s luxurious Manhattan mansion where, reportedly, they discovered countless photographs of under-age girls in various stage of undress. Epstein is alleged to have paid young girls to have sex with him and to recruit friends to his circle.

Epstein has now been charged with two sex offenses dating back to 2005 amid speculation that the charges and the net may widen to include other well-known names.

Not only is Trump a friend of Epstein’s with his own entry in the black book, but his Labour Secretary, Alex Acosta, a former prosecutor in Florida cut Epstein and extraordinarily lenient deal in 2008 on serious sex offences involving under-age girls.

Epstein was sentenced to a mere 13 months in a county jail and was allowed out of prison for 12 hours every day, Mon to Sat, an extraordinary arrangement which allowed him to continue his life as an investment banker.

Not only could Trump’s entry in Epstein’s black book embroil him in the scandal but he may also lose a key cabinet member,

Trump may not be the only member of the gliterati facing some sleepless nights. The Gawker black book story may give a clue about what other members of the international jet set will soon be checking their medicine cabinet for sleeping tablets.

Here is the Gawker story. Enjoy:

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  1. WikiLeaks links to Epstein, and Epstein’s Little Black Book links to the London based international children’s charity ARK:
    The Wikileaks Epstein connection

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