Jeffrey Epstein Scandal – The Bill Clinton Connection

Courtesy of the archives of the late and lamented internet magazine Gawker comes this story showing the links between convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and former US president Bill Clinton,

The two-term president, who is remembered in Ireland for his support for the  peace process, issued a statement yesterday, which you can read here, downplaying his association with Epstein, who earlier this week was arraigned in federal court in New York charged with underage sex offences.

Epstein’s friendships with some of America’s most powerful and wealthy men, not least of them Donald Trump, as well his association with foreign dignitaries like Prince Andrew, amid allegations that he entertained friends at sex parties on his Caribbean island, makes this a truly mouth-watering scandal.

One response to “Jeffrey Epstein Scandal – The Bill Clinton Connection

  1. Where the corruption originated.


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