Guardian’s Links To British Intelligence Revealed

Many thanks to Lauren Alder for pointing me towards this expose of The Guardians post-Snowden, friendly relationship with British spydom. According to the report, The Guardian has accepted, for the past five years, a seat at the table of British spies and bureaucrats who decide which secrets must be kept hidden from public gaze. A far cry from the image the paper crafted at the time of the Snowden revelations.

You can read the article and various supporting tweets by Matt Kennard, here and here. His report, largely based on leaked British documents, suggests that The Guardian, which accepted a seat on the D-Notice committee that censors state secrets as long ago as 2014, has agreed with its new friends in Whitehall to pass on security advice, i.e. what stories not to report, to other outlets, including The New York Times.

By the way, here is a link to Matt Kennard’s Wikipedia profile.

10 responses to “Guardian’s Links To British Intelligence Revealed

  1. You’re more than welcome, Ed. Many thanks for lending your hard earned credibility to this expose.

  2. Barry Gilheany

    This article is published by Sputnik News established by Putin in November 2014 as a successor to Novosti News. As it is part of Putin’s digital armoury of false information and bots which helped bring about Brexit and Trump; I do not give it angyt credence.

    • Shock, horror! You mean foreign governments manipulate the media. Even the Russians? But only the other side, yes. I mean, our guys would never do that would they? Oh, hang on a moment, look what I found: – seriously, the sputnik piece quotes matt kennard and the documents he has unearthed and that is what is important here. the documents have an authentic ring about them. And if Kennard is wrong wouldn’t you have expected an angry denial, even legal action from the Grauniad by now?

  3. It’s beyond parody. Kennard has now revealed that Guardian deputy editor Paul Johnson, who was congratulated by the UK security services for “reestablishing links” with the Guardian, is same man who personally smashed up the paper’s ‘Snowden’ laptops with GCHQ agents watching approvingly.

    Immediately after destroying the laptops he agreed to a position on D-Notice committee.

    What an odious, cowardly act.

  4. Further dirty work by the Guardian, et al:
    “UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer exposes propaganda and censorship in Assange reporting”

  5. And this, ref Great British ‘values’ and ‘democracy’:
    “Britain’s secret propaganda “Integrity Initiative” targets Russia”
    Persons, and there are plenty of them, who continually reveal and highlight the machinations, war plans and worldwide violence of the imperialist powers are always dismissed by the friends (and agents) of said imperialism as ‘Putin stooges’. It is a puerile argument designed to shield and divert exposure of imperialist crimes and their plans for war.

  6. James Jandelli

    Sorry to bother you because for some reason AOL ( not AOC) has recently put you in my junk. I do enjoy your posts and thoughts

    Peace Love All Ways


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