Gerry Adams And Charles Windsor: A Photo Caption Contest

Great photo of Gerry Adams and Prince Charles about to shake hands by Brian Lawless of PA.

2000A free lifetime subscription to to the reader who composes the best bubble captions capturing the thoughts going through the heads of the two men as they are about to meet.

10 responses to “Gerry Adams And Charles Windsor: A Photo Caption Contest

  1. Charles: Who’s the bearded fellow in a suit that doesn’t fit him?
    Gerry: Fuck, yer man’s tiny…

  2. Gerry: I didn’t wash my hands after going to the toilet.
    Charles: Hope I can still squeeze out a silent fart.

  3. Simualtaneously: “Thank you, Sean O’Callaghan.”

  4. Adams : “I’m dreading this”
    Charles: ” Where am I ?”

  5. Charles: ‘Are you one of those Fenian chappies?
    Gerry: ‘Say that again and I’ll sue ya for libel.’

  6. Gerry: “Right lads get ready…..ATTENTION!”

  7. Royal Aide: “Yes it is rather amusing Prince Charles but asking him does he know Two Little Boys might have damaging consequences for the Peace Process.”

    Gerry: “Ma’am as in ham… Fuck thats the Queen…. Prince as in mince!”

  8. Charles: “I’ve never denied being Colonel-in-Chief of the Parachute regiment.

    Gerry: “I’ll blame Our Liam….. That’s it. I’ll say Liam was OC of the IRA and I’ve always supported the England football team, 50 years next year….who’d forget that year?”

  9. Charles: I spy with my little eye something beginning with spout.
    Adams: Sorry about yer uncle but I was in jail when that happened

  10. One lump or two in your tea, Mr Adams Sir?

    Damian Bray
    Council Tax Team Leader
    Benefits & Council Tax Team
    Fife Council
    Rothesay House
    Glenrothes KY7 5PQ
    03451 – 555 – 555 Ext 444060
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