Martin McGuinness And Mountbatten

I see the Irish media is now speculating that Martin McGuinness will join Gerry Adams when he meets Prince Charles in Galway at a private encounter some time tomorrow.

How many, I wonder, of our esteemed television and newspaper correspondents will remind their viewers and readers that in August 1979, when Charles’ ‘Uncle Dickie’ was sent to his maker by an IRA bomb, that the man who gave the final order to kill him, the then Chief of Staff of the IRA, was none other than Martin McGuinness.

How much, dear reader, would you pay to be a fly on the wall at that gathering in Galway tomorrow?

4 responses to “Martin McGuinness And Mountbatten

  1. I cannot understand your unbalanced interpretation of events in my country when you personally witnessed a grave injustice metted out in a British Diplock Court in Belfast on a 15 yr. Old child….my brother………Why is EVERY journalist Not highlighting the corruption,lies,and treachery of the so called Leaders of the free World ..
    Are you all SOO afraid you’ll be shut down (understandably) that your integrity is compromised. In other words in 30 years time will history be kind to those of you who did Not investigate the Biggest con and manipulation American and British Government,s used on their citizens. ?

    • i don’t think you understand margaret. i am the little boy in the story of the king’s new clothes, the one who steps out of the crowd to say the king is naked. that’s all. it’s what i have always done. it’s what all journalists should do.

  2. Reblogged this on seftonblog and commented:
    An attempt by the British State to get the peasants to forgive and forget

  3. We have to endure “the Piss Process” here in Ireland. Politicians and terrorists masquerade and take the piss out of the general public. However some of us know them for what there are, murdering, bombing, child molesting, child raping criminals. They are facilitated by “establishment” politicians, This country needs to face up to where it is going, deal harshly with scumbags of the past and create a peace loving generation to shape its future.

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