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My Brief Affair With Simon Byrne — seftonblog

Peter Sefton has some caustic comments to make about the PSNI’s new boss, one Simon Byrne, someone who avid readers of this blog will recall briefly appeared in the cross hairs of thebrokenelbow recently. Here is Peter’s take on the man, although my advice to him is simple – do not hold your breath:

Dear Reader! If you have ‘issues’ or are of a nervous disposition, go no further! Only a few weeks ago, Fat George, the NIO placeman/policeman, vacated his post and in came Simon Byrne. Thrusting, opinionated and unemployed, he was an ideal choice […]

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Why Drew Harris is not to be trusted — seftonblog

Peter Sefton adds his voice to those expressing reservations about Drew Harris who was recently appointed Garda Commissioner:

Readers of this blog will have read my previous articles about the murders of my parents and my attempt to obtain justice for them. During this campaign I have engaged, inter alia , the RUC, the PSNI, the HET , the Police Ombudsman and others. A recurring theme, like “Blackpool” through a stick of rock , has […]

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