The Inmates Are Running The Asylum In Belfast

Bad enough that Northern Ireland is governed by someone who came to Belfast displaying the most profoundly dangerous ignorance of the most violent post-war turmoil to blight these islands.

Or to quote NI Secretary, Karen Bradley: ‘I didn’t understand things like when elections are fought, for example, in Northern Ireland – people who are nationalists don’t vote for unionist parties and vice versa. So, the parties fight for election within their own community.’

But now the police force in Belfast is headed by a man who can say this about the possible impact of Brexit on NI: ‘During a press conference in Belfast, Simon Byrne painted a stark picture of a potential worst-case scenario of farms and agricultural businesses going bust and animals being culled, leading to potential unrest within communities.’

Really? The Troubles were caused by putting down cows?

6 responses to “The Inmates Are Running The Asylum In Belfast

  1. we have Belfast council announcing that the 12th July loyalist bonfire structure was going to get removed in Avoniel, then the PSNI issue a statement that the East Belfast UVF may taken action against the contractor appointed to remove the pallets & the Council backs down, the paramilitaries are running the show still

  2. Barry Gilheany

    It is an open secret that Saroadh/ New IRA are welcoming Brexit as “the best opportunity for Republicans since 1916”. No, the Troubles were not caused because farmers could not move catftle across the border but the next “Troubles” may well be caused by the pathological, not to say racist, ignorance of recent Irish history by the right wing, English nationalist devotion to the Brave Old World objective to No Deal Brexit.

    It is in the Tory Party where the lunatics have taken over the asylum in the form of Boris, Jacob and the European Research Group cult not the top brass of the PSNI who are understandably worried by the fall out of Littlde England’s disdain for the other constituent parts of the UK especially Northern Ireland.

  3. It’s not just ‘dropping tariffs’ and dead cattle that concern Mr Byrne, it’s also the risk of vacuums issuing ‘rallying calls’ to ‘dissidents.’
    In the same article Mr Varadakar reveals he’s been vouchsafed the astonishing vision of Britain’s ‘relative economic decline.’ An historical phenomenon thus far unknown to post-imperial nations, presumably?
    With these steady hands on the tiller, there’s surely nothing to fear?

  4. Some wise words on the Tory leadership race. No apologies whatsoever for the language used.

  5. Barry Gilheany

    Very good!

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