‘Elephant’, One Of The Troubles Most Disturbing Movies…….

I was going to write ‘enjoy’ but perhaps that’s the worst word to use:

5 responses to “‘Elephant’, One Of The Troubles Most Disturbing Movies…….

  1. Video is blocked copyright quoted

  2. Hard hitting stuff. Pretty realistic, would you agree? Covers all the events, including the mistaken identity type events.

  3. Not to be confused with the 2003 film of the same name about a school shooting in the U.S.

    I remember watching this when it was first broadcast on the BBC. If I recall correctly there was an discussion programme about it directly afterwards. Disturbing is not the word for it. It’s only after viewing it does the real impact sink it. What I struck me about is was the relentless pace of the killings. It totally saturated your senses.

  4. If you Google ‘Elephant Alan Clarke’ then select Videos from the results you will see it is hosted by Dailymotion

  5. Alan Clarke was a genius: Scum, Made in Britain, The Firm, Elephant, Christine, Rita Sue and Bob Too. Magnificent, gritty films with memorable characters (especially Trevor in Made in Britain, Tim Roth’s first on screen appearance). Elephant, directed not long before he died, is his masterpiece (although it was criticised by Pam Brighton for not including scenes of security forces killing people), and was ripped off/homaged by Gus Van Sant in his 2003 film.

    Clarke also directed a film called ‘Contact’, about a British Army patrol in South Armagh.

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