The Who’s Who Of The Epstein Scandal…..

Very readable and useful article in Jacobin magazine. You can read it here. No surprises but they are all there, from Clinton to Epstein’s links to powerful figures in Israeli intelligence. On George Mitchell, who appeared five times in the logs of Epstein-owned aircraft, three of them with his wife, Jacobin records that Mitchell regarded Epstein as “a friend and a supporter” who “organized a fund-raiser for me once.” Apparently they met in 1994, during Mitchell’s final year in the Senate, and a year before he was made Clinton’s special envoy to the peace process. Mitchell, who would later call Epstein “a friend and supporter” went on to oversee the Philadelphia archdiocese’s payment of compensation for survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of priests, assailed by critics at the time as a ploy to get abuse victims to sign away their right to sue. A lot still to be told in this story, assuming it is allowed to be told…….

5 responses to “The Who’s Who Of The Epstein Scandal…..

  1. Hi, There is no link to the Jacobin article. Could you please send? Thanks Paddy

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  2. Hi, I cant find the link to Jacobin article

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