The Worm Is Turning On Israel In Biden’s Democrats….

At least in New York, where Democrat Senate leader, Chuck Shumer may face a primary challenge for his Senate seat, writes Mondoweiss founder Philip Weiss, from AOC who has called Israel ‘an apartheid state’, reflecting a growing grassroots anger at Israel’s treatment of Gaza in the Democratic Party.

3 responses to “The Worm Is Turning On Israel In Biden’s Democrats….

  1. Either Israel is deliberately targeting civilians or they are a very bad at aiming their American supplied guided missiles.

    Israel is under investigation for war crimes during their previous bombardment of Gaza, now they are at it once again.

  2. Barry Gilheany

    And missiles from Hamas aimed at residential areas in Israel and launched from civilian areas in Gaza are not war crimes? This conflict is not a Manichean struggle between good and evil but a complex clash of identities defined by history and geography. Both Israeli and Palestinian leaderships are squarely to blame for the escalation and intractability of the conflict as both drip and are sustained by nationalist and religious fundamentalist othering of themmuns. Sound familiar.

  3. I don’t think anyone on this blog has ever voiced support for Hamas’s indiscriminate attacked on Israeli citizens. Posters would be trying to justify the unjustifiable if they did.

    While it’s obvious tensions in this area are always simmering, the threatened evictions of Palestinian in Sheikh Jarrah was the spark that lit the most recent flame. It’s not difficult to see who the aggressor was there.

    A great comic piece on the conflict which hits the nail on the head.

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