Israel Is Now An Apartheid State….

That is the description which appears more than any other in the vast majority of reports worldwide about the recent violence meted out against the Palestinians of Gaza. Israel treats the people under its control in Gaza in the same way as white South Africans dealt with their Black subjects – with contempt, disproportionate violence and arrogance. Israel had got away with it so often, it assumed it would be the same this time. Big mistake. The lesson to Hamas is straightforward: stop while you’re ahead. You’ve won this battle hands down. The game is yours to lose.

3 responses to “Israel Is Now An Apartheid State….

  1. Derrick Hambleton

    The problem then is that if Hamas cease to fire rockets into Israeli held territory. That the worlds politicians will quickly forget what has just happened and nothing will have changed?

  2. Barry Gilheany

    It is Hamas with its explicitly antisemitic comments in its constitution about Jews being behind communism and capitalism and the French Revolution and pledge to remove all Jews from its promised Islamic Palestinian paradise that are the racists in this conflict. The ANC never fired rockets at South African civilians from outside South African territory and, btw Derrick, there was been civilians such as the Israeli Arab family in Lod who have been killed by Hamas’ barrage launched in the sure knowledge that there would be an Israeli response with all the suffering we have seen.

    Btw Ed, the people of Gaza are under Hamas control. Apartheid analogies could be made with the Occupation of the West Bank but fall down when one examines the totality of race laws in Apartheid SA from pass laws, Group Areas Act, Population Registration Act; separate public amenities for races etc all buttressed by the Internal Security and Suppression of Communism.

    Yes far right Jewish nationalism fed continually by Bibi, Libierman \and Bennett etc is on the rise to a worrying degree. But to reduce the complexity of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to the apartheid regime in South Africa is travesty for all those who suffered under it and who triumphed over it. No sign of a Mandela or de Klerk in Israel/Palestine either.

  3. Both Btselem and Human Rights Watch have classified Israel as an apartheid regime. A political system based on Jewish supremacy and ethnic segregation. Both organisations have accepted the reality that the so called ‘occupied territories’ are now effectively annexed to Israel, and must be included in any analysis of the regime’s practices.

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