Wikileaks On The Northern Bank Heist

To mark Julian Assange’s narrow escape (for now) from the SuperMax jail in Florence, Colorado, here is a US State Department document revealed by Wikileaks detailing a July 2005 meeting between a US diplomat and Irish government officials in Dublin during which some fascinating details were disclosed about the December 2004, IRA robbery of the Northern Bank in downtown Belfast and the IRA’s subsequent efforts to launder the stolen loot. Thanks to Sputnik for posting it originally. You can read the document here, while below is a photo of the destination Assange has so far managed to avoid:

ADX Florence. Photo courtesy of the US Bureau of Prisons / The Gazette via AP Images

One response to “Wikileaks On The Northern Bank Heist

  1. Craig Murray was on RT yesterday, saying Julian Assange will be released before the end of the year.

    Murray and others have noble intentions (excluding the pseudo lefts, who promoted the sexual assault conspiracy against Assange, advancing the agenda of the imperialists); but they have no understanding what is at stake, how far the ruling classes have gone down the road to dictatorship and fascism.
    This is a sober assesment, and a thorough reporting of facts:
    Assange denied bail after extradition blocked, will appeal to UK High Court.
    Thomas Scripps

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