Hear The Sheriff Of Kenosha Speak

It’s about ten minutes in to John Oliver’s programme. Thanks to CM for the tip. Readers in Ireland or the UK might want to use a VPN set to USA.


3 responses to “Hear The Sheriff Of Kenosha Speak

  1. Not available in UK, it seems. Any chance of a transcript?

  2. I stuck this out, but cannot bring myself to watch John Oliver anymore. Racism is never going to be eliminated because it is a manifestation of the dominance-centred econonomic hierarchy. The victims of the fat little cop-lover in Kenosha were criminals and bring to mind the kind of apolitical creeps used in Weimar Germany to foment street violence. Oliver, and all the rest of the “progressives” who appear on corporate-controlled media are either infantile and ignorant or simply talking heads. There is no MLK, no Malcolm X, no Fred Hampton, in BLM. Clowns like Oliver are not calling for an abolishment of the existing economic hierarchy, which means they are not at all serious about eliminating racism. No getting around the fact that Democrats pulled the trigger on the destruction of both Libya and Syria. Eisenhower ordered Lumumba to be murdered, but Johnson was in the White House when the western intelligence agencies threw Nkrumah overboard.

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