Gemma Doherty And The Guardian’s Narrow Escape

I see Gemma Doherty, right-wing friend of Ogra Sinn Fein and one time ‘investigative reporter’, is back in the news after being arrested by Gardai for refusing to give police her name and address, and then announcing she would seek asylum abroad, after the cops removed a protest banner from a motorway bridge.

I don’t know what the reaction to this news was in The Guardian’s editorial offices but it should have been thankful relief that the top brass had turned a deaf ear to advice from the paper’s sometimes media commentator, Roy Greenslade, that Gemma should take over as the paper’s Ireland correspondent.

Nonetheless Gemma can be happy that the folks in Sinn Fein’s youth wing still love her:

One response to “Gemma Doherty And The Guardian’s Narrow Escape

  1. Derrick Hambleton

    Sounds like Young SF would be happy to be rid of her?

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