Glenn Greenwald On Biden And Sanders

2 responses to “Glenn Greenwald On Biden And Sanders

  1. Greetings,

    I found your site from a link at the blog ‘balaclavastreet’.

    I am finalising a boardgame with GMT in the United States, which aims – as the other games in the series do – to immerse players in the roles and history of the time period.

    My title is ‘The Troubles’ and it is currently in its prototyping phase, being tested in several countries worldwide.

    This work continues my Masters Degree study into literacy development through board gaming. It is underpinned by serious academic knowledge and practices and aims to provide up to six players the opportunity to ‘experience’ the history and ideological conflicts that beset Northern Ireland for thirty years.

    Some reviews of my work are being published:

    I am currently looking for additional information about this time period, especially relating to the Loyalist paramilitaries from 1964 onwards – localities and volunteer numbers, which help to establish starting scenarios within the game.

    I’m on Twitter as: @bluetanso

    Take care

    Hugh O’Donnell MSc

  2. Well good luck but I don’t think I want to co-operate in a project which transforms something as serious, and still ongoing, as the Troubles into a board game.

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