Old Left Tells New Left To Vote For Biden

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.…

“…[L]ay your shoulders to the wheel; … Let it be told to the future world, that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and to repulse it. Say not that thousands are gone, turn out your tens of thousands; throw not the burden of the day upon Providence, but “show your faith by your works…”

—Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

On April 13, 2020, Senator Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to vote for the presumptive Democratic nominee, former vice president Joe Biden. Writing as founders and veterans of the leading New Left organization of the 1960s, Students for a Democratic Society, we welcome Bernie’s wise choice—but we are gravely concerned that some of his supporters, including the leadership of Democratic Socialists of America, refuse to support Biden, whom they see as a representative of Wall Street capital. Some of us are DSA members, but do not believe their position is consistent with a long-range vision of democracy, justice, and human survival.

Now it is time for all those who yearn for a more equal and just social order to face facts. All of us have charged for years that Trump is the leader of an authoritarian party that aims for absolute power; rejects climate science; embraces racism, sexism, homophobia, and violence; holds the democratic process in contempt; bids to take over the entire federal judiciary; represses voting rights; and violates plain human decency on many fronts. These are the grounds for our solemn determination: a common effort to unseat him is our high moral and political responsibility.

In our time, we fought—for a time successfully—against the sectarian politics of the Cold War. We were mindful then of the cataclysm that befell German democracy when socialists and communists fought each other—to death—as Hitler snuck by and then murdered them all.

Now we fear that some on the left cannot see the difference between a capitalist democrat and a protofascist. We hope none of us learn this difference from jail cells.

We have dedicated much of our lives to the fight to extend democracy to more people, more institutions, more places. We continue this work in diverse ways motivated now as then by a spirit of community and solidarity. But now the very existence of American democracy is in jeopardy.

Some of us think “endorsing” Joe Biden is a step too far; but we who now write this open letter all know that we must work hard to elect him. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment.

In 1919, in the midst of the brief German socialist revolution, the great sociologist Max Weber addressed left-wing students about politics. He urged upon them that the best politics must be painfully aware of the consequences of action, not just intentions. Speaking to young men, he prophetically warned them that the cost of ignoring consequences might be their deaths.

We salute Bernie Sanders and our friends and comrades in DSA and in the diverse movements for social justice and environmental sanity that enabled them to rise. We look forward to joining together to build on and defend our accomplishments. And now we plead with all: Get together, beat Trump, and fight for democracy—precious, fragile, worth keeping.

The signers of this letter were founders, officers, and activists in Students for a Democratic Society between 1960 and 1969. Interested persons may contact Robert Ross at rjsross@clarku.edu for further information.

Ira Arlook

Jane Adams

Michael Ansara

Steven Block

Barry Bluestone

Heather Booth

George Brosi

Connie Brown

Dorothy Burlage

Robb Burlage

Ken Cloke

Carl Davidson

Thorne Dreyer

Mark Dyen

Nick Egleson

John Ehrenreich

Alice Embree

Oliver Fein, MD

Marshall Ganz

Helen Garvy

David Gelber

Todd Gitlin

Carol Glassman

Steve Goldsmith

D. Gorton

Alan Haber

Barbara Haber

Odile Hugonot Haber

Jill Hamberg

Bill Hartzog

Casey Hayden

Michael Gaylord James

Steve Johnson

Marilyn Katz

Paul Lauter

Sharon Jeffrey Lehrer

Mike Locker

Ken McEldowney

Don McKelvey

Dickie Magidoff

Steve Max

Paul Millman

Daniel Millstone

Sarah Murphy

Robert Pardun

Charlotte Phillips, MD

Miles Rapoport

Beth Rimanoczy

Jenny Roper

Don Rose

Robert J.S. Ross

Richard Rothstein

Vivian Rothstein

Mark Rudd

James W. Russell

Bruce Schmeichen

David Strauss

Gerry Tenney

Maria Varela

Monte Wasch

Lee Webb

Marilyn Webb

Leni Wildflower

Cathy Wilkerson

Honey Williams

Jim Williams

3 responses to “Old Left Tells New Left To Vote For Biden

  1. Extremely Evil Politics! Biden the Lesser of Two Evils? That is debatable. The left in the USA should promote a different candidate in the November 2020 General Election. No more tweedling comrades!

  2. One should read Trotsky’s writings on the United Front, and the Stalinist betrayal of the German revolution that opened the door for the German ruling class to engineer the Nazis into power.
    One of many of many contributions:

    These phoneys above, who have very high regard of themselves, are pulling a fast one. Implying there needs to be a United Front FOR Biden.

    Leading up to 1933 there were two mass workers parties in Germany. the Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party. These were parties who historically both betrayed the working class; but they had mass working class membership and support.

    The Democrats, are the oldest capitalist party in the world. They were never a mass working class party. They get votes from workers by default. Rather like Fianna Fail did in recent Irish history, simply because they offered a marginal advantage to workers.The capitalist ruling class turned to open counter-revolution via the Thatcherite/ Reaganite onslaught because world capitalism was in terminal decline; and could no longer allow the post-war gains that the working class won. Thus the Democrats had no longer a role a role as supposed advocates of the working class.

    See this article about one of the above signatories, Mark Rudd:
    NY Times, Mark Rudd on anniversary of Columbia U sit-in: Socialist revolution is a “fantasy”.

  3. That the Donald is frighteningly stupid is undisputed. Thankfully his ego doesn’t lend itself to delegating. Otherwise a Kissinger or a Cheney wd be prolonging a war somewhere. It cd still happen of course. But Democrats stating he is especially evil in the context of prev presidents…

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