Fernando Hears The Drums

This article appeared in the Belfast Telegraph earlier this week and it tells the story of a guy called Fernando Murphy who sent ‘abominable’, derogatory messages via social media to an unnamed woman in Belfast as part of a lengthy campaign of abuse and persecution.

He was found guilty, in absentia, of persistently harassing the woman when he failed to turn up to court; a warrant has been issued for his arrest. The court was told that the woman had secured a restraining order against Fernando two years ago which he had ignored.

Presumably once apprehended he will be arraigned for sentencing.

The unfortunate woman at the receiving end of his abuse was not named in court although Fernando happens to be well known not just for his, ahem, political activity, but for his long standing, relationship – no longer ongoing (sadly for him, thankfully for her) – with Irish News reporter, Allison Morris. The pair are pictured at the bottom of this post, in happier days.

Good thing that Allison had the sense to kiss that guy goodbye! Right Allison? And all right thinking people will certainly hope that she was not the target of Fernando’s abuse.

Fernando and Allison in happier days

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