Why Did RTE Pull Sean Murray’s Documentary On The Glennane Gang?

So far no new date has been set for the film’s screening, according to the director Sean Murray, and no reason has been given for RTE’s last minute decision. Any thoughts, folks?

3 responses to “Why Did RTE Pull Sean Murray’s Documentary On The Glennane Gang?

  1. Because RTE are the States puppy and always do the States bidding. I think there may have been some very uncomfortable people in Leinster House if it were screened (to be honest I was surprised they scre6I, Dolores), considering their compliance and assistance to people who were fully aware of the activities of the Glenane gang

  2. Ed,

    Regarding the Glenanne gang, did it exist as a cohesive entity as suggested in various books, and could it have been responsible for 120 deaths?

    • I have done only a little research on this bunch but from what I gathered it was shorthand for a varied bunch of loyalist paramilitaries who included RUC and UDR members as well as UVF who regarded the farm from which the gang derived its name as a convenient source of intel, weaponry and fellowship. It is evident that the security authorities knew a great deal about it from early on but turned a blind eye/used it for their own purposes…..

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