So Just Who Was Bill Flynn, Gerry Adams’ Corporate Buddy?

Domestic considerations oblige me to make this posting short – and hopefully sweet, at least for some.

Who was Bill Flynn, the former CEO of the multi-billion dollar insurance giant, Mutual of America whose death at the age of 92 over the weekend, has been accompanied by panegyrics hailing his role as an Irish-American peacemaker?

Bill Flynn flanked by John Hume and Gerry Adams

Through his membership of the establishment-heavy National Committee on American Foreign Policy, Flynn persuaded the Clinton White House to grant a three-day visa for Gerry Adams in 1994 to visit New York, an event that angered the British and helped Adams persuade his grassroots that the Americans could be a Sinn Fein ally as the promised IRA ceasefire of that year became a reality.

So Flynn and his contacts were arguably vital to the Adams’ strategy, enabling the SF leader not just to influence the Oval Office but to reach into the wider Irish-American world beyond the Noraid bars of the Bronx.

Flynn first got interested in the Northern situation through a charity he helped fund in Ardoyne but he had roots in the place. His family came from Loughinisland and when the UVF slaughtered Catholics watching the World Cup at a local bar in June 1994 his interest sharpened.

He will also be remembered for footing the bill for a $40k laser treatment in New York for Gerry Adams’ prostate problem. You can read about that here and here.

But one aspect of Bill Flynn’s career has mostly escaped notice and that was his membership of the elite Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta, usually known just as the Knights of Malta. (Yes, the same guys who drive ambulances in west Belfast)

Martin McGuinness introduced to a meeting of Bill Flynn’s National Committee on American Foreign Policy by Henry Kissinger

Outside of America only aristocrats can rise to leadership positions in the Knights of Malta. In Britain, the Queen heads the order, even though elsewhere the Knights are overwhelmingly Catholic.

In America there is no hereditary aristocracy but there is a dollar aristocracy and an establishment aristocracy. And the leadership of the Knights of Malta in the US has over the years been peppered with leaders from America’s intelligence, financial, industrial and political worlds.

If you go to this link you can see the sorts who rise or have risen to the top of the Knights in America. People like these CIA luminaries: Bill Donovan, Bill Casey (a close friend of Flynn’s), William Colby, John McCone, Geo Bush Snr and George Tenet. Or J Edgar Hoover, FBI founder; Joe Kennedy Snr founder of the dynasty of the same name; William Randolph Hearst, war-monger extraordinaire and William Buckley, intellectual founder of the New Right. And so on.

I have often wondered if Bill Flynn ever introduced Gerry to this charmed and exclusive circle?

3 responses to “So Just Who Was Bill Flynn, Gerry Adams’ Corporate Buddy?

  1. An interesting character who was an SOKM member though he not an aristocrat. By and large, the elite members of the SOKM tend to be the absolute scum of the earth.

  2. *I am sharing some Irish history for no particular reason except it is the first Tuesday in June, 2018, and I remember when these particular historical events occurred. Jack is getting older.* Jack Smith

    On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 8:52 AM, The Broken Elbow wrote:

    > The Broken Elbow posted: “Domestic considerations oblige me to make this > posting short – and hopefully sweet, at least for some. Who was Bill Flynn, > the former CEO of the multi-billion dollar insurance giant, Mutual of > America whose death at the age of 92 over the weekend, has ” >

  3. Chris Fogarty

    This is an important article. It lifts the veil on, partly exposes, a coup against Irish-American (IA) supporters of truth and justice for Occupied Ireland.
    > Preliminary plans for the coup were brought to NY in November, 1988 by then-republican Joe Cahill (prior to his child molestation record). The plans were in the form of a 103-page Sinn Fein (SF) report signed by Cahill and Ted Powell and, considering its treasonous content, would have been distributed by Cahill into the hands of fellow traitors in NY.
    > (Our copy came, probably as a rebuke, from our quondam leader Frank O’Neill while he was alienated from us by MI5/FBI mole David Rupert from about 1993 to 2002. O’Neill learned of his mistake only when the Crown, to use Rupert as a witness against the IRA including Michael McKevitt, had to “out” Rupert. O’Neill’s last years were an agony of remorse.
    > The report was written by Declan Kearney and Oistin McBride during their 1988 coast-to-coast tour of IA groups supporting truth and justice for the Occupied Irish. While in Chicago they stayed in our residence. At the time their hostility toward us seemed odd. But their later report explained it. They spent inordinate amount of time with a false-flag group organized by the FBI to march in Irish parades and gatherings dressed-to-offend, in biker gear, with face jewelry and waving a large red flag for communism and a black one for anarchy – all while also carrying placards for our causes (MacBride Principles, Joe Doherty, British torture of IRA POWs, British murders of Irish, randomly, etc. They intensified bystanders’ jeers by “giving them the finger.”
    > The SF report lauds that group by name, while parroting the criminal FBI’s smears against us. The following year, before MI5/FBI Agent Buckley and mole Rupert moved to Ireland and Omagh, Agent Buckley perpetrated two series of felony crimes against me, one of which, Case US91CR911, was also against my wife Mary, Frank O’Neill, and Tony McCormick. It took fifteen months of litigation but we avoided disaster by proving that the only evidence against us, an FBI audiotape, was a criminal fabrication.
    > The coup was the replacement of knowledgable IA supporters by a few FBI-selected, uninformed IA $billionaires. It was endorsed by the Royal Dail and its Consuls, and promoted by venal operators of IA news media. It was less a British victory over the Irish than a US/UK/Israeli victory over humanity.
    > The FBI’s crimes against IA and its participation in MI5’s 1998 bombing of Omagh, along with the Adams/McGuinness sell-out, defeated the IRA.
    > Thus Britain’s military, without which the Neo-Cons could not attack Iraq, etc., were freed-up from Occupied Ireland, and the Supreme Crimes began.
    > One definition of “Deep State” is “any entity whose mass murders cannot be prosecuted.” “Deep State” applies to the perpetrators or arrangers of the Langert murders, the bombers of Omagh and Dublin/Monaghan, the destroyers of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Syria, with cross-hairs on Iran. The destruction of Russia and China will fulfill the Neo-Cons’ plans of “Full-Spectrum Dominance” (conquest of Planet Earth and Space; See Project For a New American Century). The pre-destruction demonization of Russia and China has begun. END

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