How Gerry Adams Could Have Saved Bill Flynn $40k And Put A Smile On Colette’s Face

As possibly the entire world knows by now, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was recently treated to $40,000 worth of laser treatment in New York for his enlarged prostate by his friend and multi-millionaire corporate sagamore Bill Flynn. By all accounts the procedure was a success but the news plunged Adams into a political controversy.

The complaints came from two directions. In the Dail, Sinn Fein’s electoral rivals accused the SF leader of hypocrisy for demanding the government increase spending on public health service while himself sneaking off abroad for private treatment that would cost more than the average Irish industrial wage. Outside the Dail, former comrades wondered aloud what the dead hunger strikers of 1981 might think of their leader taking such largesse from  corporate America.

Others simply wondered why Gerry didn’t avail himself of this ancient Chinese treatment for an enlarged prostate. He would have saved Bill Flynn a cool forty grand, avoided all the adverse political fall-out from his laser job and still ended up with a shrunken prostate. And, according to former patients interviewed in this video, he might also have acquired an enhanced libido in the process, which at nearly 65 years old is something not to be sneered at! And when you look at the procedure in action you can’t help but feel it’s the prostate equivalent of hugging trees!

(Thanks to Maria V for the tip!)

3 responses to “How Gerry Adams Could Have Saved Bill Flynn $40k And Put A Smile On Colette’s Face

  1. Would Gerry introduce me to Bill – I would appreciate the same freebie.

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