Heat Map Of Human Activity Around MI5 HQ, Holywood

Many thanks to JKW for alerting me to this fascinating little story.

Spooks spend a lot of their time tracking and monitoring other people so it’s nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change, courtesy of this athletic tracking device called STRAVA which produces a heat map of human activity around a location of your choice.

STRAVA is a tracking device that people carry around in their pocket to measure how much walking, running or cycling they do every day. Often people leave it on even though they are not exercising just to see how far they have walked.

JKW asked to see activity around the map co-ordinates for MI5’s HQ near Palace  Barracks, Holywood and the results were for November last year.

Here is the link to the actual results and below are grabs of the results and maps of the area so that you can see where MI5’s building is in relation to the rest of Holywood. You can play around with the STRAVA results on the link above to change colours, map types and activity. All great fun, at the expense of the spooks!

Heat map of human activity around general area of MI5

Heat activity on conventional map of same area

Heat map around immediate MI5 area

Conventional map of area with MI5 inside red box

Photo of MI5 HQ


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