Trump’s America (continued)

January 24, 2018
By Joe Kloc

US vice president Mike Pence, an evangelical Christian who refuses to eat dinner or consume alcohol alone with any woman other than his wife, denied allegations that president Donald Trump, who once appeared in a softcore porn film smashing a bottle of champagne over a Playboy-branded limousine and who has been accused by the porn star Jessica Drake of offering $10,000 in exchange for sex, paid the porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to not disclose that the two had a sexual relationship in 2006. “Baseless,” said Pence. It was reported that a third porn star said she was once invited by Trump to “have some fun” with Daniels in his hotel room, and that before the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s lawyer set up a company in Delaware that paid Daniels $130,000. “Trump is a man of his word,” said Pence. A gossip magazine published an interview conducted with Daniels in 2011 in which she said that the affair began after the two shared nonalcoholic drinks over dinner in Trump’s hotel room, recounting how Trump told her that people think she is “just this idiot” with “big boobs,” that she didn’t need to “worry” about his wife, that he was worried he would lose his “power” if he cut his hair, that he hoped “all sharks die,” and that she was “just like” his “beautiful and smart” daughter. “I know what is in the president’s heart,” said Pence. Emails from political operatives working with Daniels on a possible Senate campaign in 2009 claimed that Trump, who according to his former adviser paid off “a hundred women” over a 25-year period, once asked the porn star to spank him with an issue of Forbes magazine that featured his face on the cover; and Daniels was reported to have said in 2011 that if she were Trump’s wife she would be more upset that he ate dinner with a woman than that he “stuck his dick in a hundred girls.” “I’m just not going to comment,” said Pence.

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