That Syrian Gas Attack: An Alternative Version

8 responses to “That Syrian Gas Attack: An Alternative Version

  1. Please remove me from mail list.

    Sent from my iPhone Edmund Lynch


    • with pleasure! if i knew how! but one question: did you learn anything from the invasion of iraq, ed? i mean anything about the willingness of government to lie and mislead and the perils of automatically believing what they say? anything!? especially this government in DC which has made a speciality out of lying and dissembling, latest e.g. the fleet sailing towards korea that was actually thousands of miles away. or are you drinking the trump kool-aid these days? with government, especially this one, we must put our fingers through the holes!

  2. The Assad regime perpetrated the sarin gas attack on Keir Shakhoun just as it did in Gouta in 2013 because it thought it would get away with it because of its Russian patronage. It did it because it is a psychopathic regime that believes in murdering and terrorising its people with impunity because it believes that is its best way of winning the war. Do look at the reports of the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights for more details of this regime’s depravity. Yes, Trump is a lying so-and-so and the invasion of Iraq was based on false premises. But Syria is so different as the violations of the laws of war and humanitarian laws are so starkly obvious. Yes, by all means challenge and hold governments to account as all good journalists should do but please do not swallow and publicise conspiracy theories such as this. It stains your otherwise excellent journalism on the depradations of the State and Provisional IRA/Sinn Fein and loyalist groups in NI.

    • Actually, i have an open mind on what happened. What i do know is that a) governments have lied repeatedly about such matters and dirty tricks are played widely by all parties in conflicts; and b) the establishment media invariably, and often instantly, accepts and reflects versions peddled by their own side, as in this case; with the US media it is as if they have a button on their forehead marked ‘press in time of war’ and when pressed they believe everything their government tells them and they report accordingly. As we learned with the lies about WMD in Iraq it takes a long time for the truth to emerge. We should therefore be very skeptical about official explanations, especially when independent reporting is not possible. The government version of this event has been given wide and largely uncritical coverage by the mass media in the US and Europe; the other side not so much. In such circumstances it is the function, even the duty of small blogs like this to give people the opportunity to examine the other side of the argument, which is what I try to do here with this story and also with my coverage of Northern Ireland. I think you would have to agree that the angles I present on many stories from the North is not really presented by the Irish media. But there are people who say I should stop writing in this way, that like many others in the Irish media I should do my bit to help the peace process and shut up. What you are suggesting I do, is to practice censorship in another area, in Syria, to actively prevent my few readers from reading the opposite and conflicting versions of what happened in Syria. One of the very healthy features of social media is that it gives readers views which the mainstream media will not. That is one of the reasons why, incidentally, the mainstream media gets stories so wrong, so often. I intend to keep playing my part in that and in the process assist a healthier and better informed debate about issues such as the Syrian gassing. As for the truth of what happened that will eventually emerge.

  3. Here is some evidence as to the truth of the Syrian gassing;

    I sooner believe the “establishment media” that the conspiracist nonsense about the Syrian gas attack put out by sources like Alex Jones or Russia Today. Because theories like the CIA was behind the Arab Spring in order to secure US access to hydrocarbons, that ISIS stands for Israeli Intelligence Service or that the MMR jab causes autism represent “alternative” narratives does not mean they deserve any cloak of legitiimacy. They do not because they invariably originate in the sewers of the racist and isolationist far right and fellow travelling far left.

  4. I do apologise for suggesting that you would be influenced by the Alex Joneses of this world. It was never my intention to do so. I do feel passionately about the atrocities that the Assad regime has committed with the aid of Putin, Iran and Hezbollah and too many “alternative” narratives to the Syrian conflict use the outrageous conspiracy theories to justify Assad as a poster boy for Arab solidarity against US imperialism and Israel. I do not see your blog falling into that category as I have too much respect for your journalism for that.

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