Trump ‘Blackmail’ Document In Full

11 responses to “Trump ‘Blackmail’ Document In Full

  1. Ben Smith’s note to BuzzFeed staff, saying that decided to make the report public even though BuzzFeed hasn’t verified any of it and “there is serious reason to doubt the allegations”:


  2. Meaning they “reported” things without evidence or reporting, knowing that at least large portions of it were likely to be false. And now it’s already falling apart:

    False reports that will be disproved immunize Donald Trump from criticism. The next time someone prints a damning story, readers will shrug and say, “Oh, another ‘golden showers in Moscow’ story.”

    Ben Smith: “As we noted in our story, there is serious reason to doubt the allegations.” Is that the standard for printing something?

    • Three less than convincing ‘denials’/ refutations, chris. Far from disproving anything. And if the allegations do turn out to be false then that’s the way the cookie crumbles. There is a right to know issue here which transcends everything else. Trump denies everything anyway and the media shows disturbing signs of normalising this. To censor the document plays entirely into his hands because all he has to do in the future, if another document or piece of evidence emerges is to holler ‘false news!’ and the press will bend and break. as it is the censorship shown so far by the media is a disconcerting sign that they are beginning to buckle down to the new status quo, or perhaps regime is the better word. Also far too early to make any conclusions except that the public, the people, do have a right to know what is in this document.
      More important, where the fuck is Saul?

  3. Saul is a looooong way being back on the air, sadly. A few months.

  4. And here I thought you were beyond “Tabloid/Fake news” reporting. You’re better than that Ed.

  5. Here’s another look at my view of the credibility of the “intelligence dossier”:

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