When The Fox Becomes The Chicken Farmer

I can’t say I knew David Gordon at all well, in fact I think I met him only once. But I greatly admired his book on ‘The Fall of the House of Paisley’ chronicling the political demise respectively of Ian Paisley Senior and Junior in 2008, and said as much at a book launch in Belfast.

What cheered me about him was that while most reporters in post-GFA Belfast spent their days terrified of being accused of being ‘unhelpful’ to the peace process in any one of the dozen ways it was deemed possible to be, his book just went for the story of how greed of one sort or another had done for the Paisley duo.

It was an example of honest, straight, brave journalism at a time when there wasn’t much of that about.

That was in the days when no-one in the media had batted an eyelid, or if they did, had batted them very discretely, when it emerged that one prominent reporter had hosted secret peace process meetings between Sinn Fein and the DUP at his home but failed to include any of this in the reports he filed for his employer.

David Gordon disappeared into the bowels of the BBC after his book and I thought that perhaps he had wised up and left the country. But to my disappointment he popped up today on Facebook with an announcent that he had been appointed press officer to the NI Executive and had been given the job by the OFMDFM (that’s the DUP’s Arlene Foster and SF’s Martin McGuinness to you and me).

That means he will be recycling bullshit most of the tine and I suspect there will be lots of it. I never really knew La Foster but the DUP generally regarded journalists as an unnecessary evil and I would be surprised if she is any different, while my experience of the Shinners is that David will likely be handling not just bullshit but lying bullshit from them.

Very sad to see this happen.

There is only one set of circumstances which could lead me to both forgive and understand him. And that’s to write the tell-all book of all tell-all books at the end.

2 responses to “When The Fox Becomes The Chicken Farmer

  1. Very true about the DUP historically having a very low view of journalists. The DUP members who were also Free Ps had an even lower view of journalists. Looks like they have abandoned all their historic strongly held beliefs? Maybe it was Tommy Gorman`s charm, good looks and charisma which won them over?

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