‘From Watchdog To Attackdog’ – The British Media and Jeremy Corbyn

What is described in this thorough piece of research carried out by the London School of Economics’ Department of Media and Communications represents nothing less than a major crisis for British media.

The study examined in detail the coverage of the Labour Party’s left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn by eight British newspapers and concluded that their reporting was characterised by deliberate vilification of Corbyn of a sort that went way beyond the normal limits of fair debate, that Corbyn himself was denied the right to respond and that he was treated with scorn and ridicule by both tabloid and so-called quality press unprecedented in a modern political leader.

The study rightly describes the Corbyn coverage as the moment when the British print media (and it should be said the BBC) morphed from watchdog to attackdog, a development made possible by the increasing corporatisation of media. The study bodes ill for the future. Today Corbyn, tomorrow…..? Thanks to LS for bringing it to my attention.

2 responses to “‘From Watchdog To Attackdog’ – The British Media and Jeremy Corbyn

  1. Roy Greenslade’s reaction to this was mindblowing.


    “But I wonder if really is what the British people want? Do they hunger for unbiased political coverage?”

    All just a bit of fun, isn’t it?

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