Turkey – A Military Coup You Can And Maybe Should Support

I don’t normally favour military takeovers of governments but I think one can make an exception in the case of the odious Erdogan regime in Turkey. Erdogan is a right-wing dictator in the making whose ambivalence to ISIS and Islamic extremism is tolerated by the West primarily because he is anti-Putin, The fact that he recently patched up relations with Israel is a plus for the US and NATO.

The Turkish military has a history of intervening in domestic politics but uniquely for military forces anywhere, has done so in the past for progressive reasons. The secular era of Attaturk survived because of the military’s support for his secular, anti-Islamic extremist policies. Erdogan has been in the vanguard of right-wing Islamic forces seeking to roll back Attaturk’s secularism.

In Irish terms imagine Attaturk is Ernie O’Malley and Erdogan is De Valera on steroids.

Fact, reliable facts, are hard to establish as I write this but it looks like a safe presumption that this military coup has been staged to remove Erdogan’s negative influence on Turkish life and to restore the country’s once unique, secular identity.

Had the EU admitted Turkey to membership years ago when it applied for membership Erdogan may never have attained power and this military coup, failed or successful, would not have been necessary.

14 responses to “Turkey – A Military Coup You Can And Maybe Should Support

  1. padraigcolman

    Rather foolish to post such an article when you have so little information about what is going on . As I write, it looks as if the coup has failed because it was only supported by a clique within the military and that 60 people have died. Many of them seem to be civilians who were courageously standing in front of tanks. Whatever Erdogan’s many faults he was democratically elected.

    • I am not the sort who waits to see who has won before declaring my hand. Are you? As for being democratically elected so was hitler, stalin etc…..

      • padraigcolman

        Hitler did not win a massive electoral mandate but his supporters had a slim majority in a coalition situation. Hitler came to power because the conservatives foolishly believed they could control him.Whatever about all that, we are on dangerous ground when applauding the overthrow of a democratically elected government by an unelected military. One of the reasons that the Turkish coup failed was that Erdogan, for all his faults, can claim many achievements and is still very popular. Many civilians died opposing this coup. In any case, it failed. What is is. Let’s deal with the present reality.

      • Stalin did, so did Mugabe, and so on……the guy backs ISIS FFS!

  2. Ed. All good points. Sadly it looks like the coup failed and the retribution has begun. Obama and Kerry supported Erdogan. But he blames a cleric from PA for upheaval so there will be no thanks extended to Obama and Kerry. US support of Turkey predates breakdown of relations with Putin’s Russia. But Erdogan is a menace. He has tried to crush the Kurds and has played ball with Islamists. Be well. Ed

    Sent from my iPhone Edmund Lynch


  3. You don’t even know who staged the coup or what their political aims are and yet you support it? Ridiculous.

  4. The coup does increasingly look like secular Turkey’s last throw of the dice. Erdogan’s implicit support for ISIS & willingness to risk a confrontation with Russia clearly proved too much for some in the military high command.
    Now Erdogan’s busy purging the society of all opposition and probably re-introducing the death penalty. What a horrible future for Turkey, and an unthinkable one for its minorities.

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