The British Army And The Rape Of The Samburu Women

This is an astonishing and deeply disturbing story. It is also a largely untold story; untold in the West and particularly in Britain that is, but well known in Kenya.

It is the story of how some 500-600 women from the Samburu tribe in Kenya have fought for years to prove that they were raped by British soldiers who, under an arrangement with the Kenyan government, train regularly in the nearby countryside.

Those impregnated by their rapists and who gave birth to children that are of a lighter colour than native children have been shunned, abandoned by husbands and families and forced to leave their villages and set up home together in their own community.

The British have responded to the women’s complaints by asking the Royal Military Police to investigate the allegations – the military investigating the military – a familiar procedure to those who have lived through the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

In another outcome familiar to Troubles’ veterans, the RMP cleared the soldiers of the charges, claiming that since some of the stories by the women were invented none of the allegations are credible. But how to explain all those light-skinned Kenyan kids?

Thanks to MV for sending this to me……

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