Competition To Rename Northern Bank Robbed By IRA Of £26.5 Million is proud to announce a competition to rename the Northern Bank building which was the scene in December 2004 of what was then the largest robbery in Irish or British criminal history. The IRA is believed to have been responsible and stole £26.5 million from the bank’s vaults in a mixture of new and used notes.

The former Northern Bank in Belfast City centre

The former Northern Bank in Belfast City centre

The Guardian today revealed that the bank, which the paper describes as a classic example of ‘brutalist’ architecture, has been listed as a building of historic or architectural interest by the Department of Environment.

However the DoE has not yet announced what name the building will be given and so to assist the process this blog is inviting readers to make their own suggestions. The winning prize will be, as usual, a lifetime subscription to the blog.

To start the process, here is’s own suggestion: Bobby Storey House.

5 responses to “Competition To Rename Northern Bank Robbed By IRA Of £26.5 Million

  1. Northern command multi Storey Pension Park?

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  2. Bobby Multi-Storey Place

  3. How about something on the lines of:
    Pounds for Peace Centre
    Nationalist Holiday-home Investment House
    Airgead Nua
    Adam’s Processed Peas Process Memorial
    Teach Saibhreas Sinn Féin
    ‘Jock didn’t get all, you know’
    The M-Block

  4. In honour of Vol. Fred Scappaticci; Political adviser Denis Donaldson; Commander Joe Cahill and so many other Pira senior figures on the MI5 payroll/immunity lists – it could be called ‘Tout Towers’

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