Peter Sefton: ‘The Murderers Of My Parents’

Peter Sefton, recalls the violent death of his parents, twenty-five years ago and asks whether it wasn’t the IRA who really killed them but British intelligence which was running key agents in the team that carried out the double killing and allowed the operation to go ahead.
Will the PSNI issue any subpoenas to get to the bottom of this tragedy? I suspect you ought not to hold your breath!


On this day, twenty five years ago, my Dad drove his car out of the driveway and parked it on the road. He had been retired from the RUC for three years, having been mortared at New Barnsley, where his colleague Dessie Dobbin, was killed. It is likely , given the forensic findings, that he checked underneath it before he moved it from the drive. At about ten o’clock, he and my mother drove off. About four hundred yards down the road a bomb, placed underneath the vehicle exploded. My Dad was dead on arrival at the Mater Hospital. My Mum , having sustained severe head injuries , died the next day.

PIRA claimed responsibility and Adams said it might not have been a good operation. But then , he was never in the IRA.

The cause of Irish unity was not progressed one inch but my daughter never knew…

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One response to “Peter Sefton: ‘The Murderers Of My Parents’

  1. A Sad tale. I assume there are many more like it on both sides of the Troubles. I believe a united Ireland is possible, if not probable, but it will take many accommodations and much Reconciliation. Of course, that is only my view from an ocean and a continent away. I am far from an expert, Perhaps only a concerned spectator.

    Jack Smith

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