The Gentlemen Bombers Of The IRA

I thought this was hilarious. Hope you do too.

3 responses to “The Gentlemen Bombers Of The IRA

  1. Very good – the bit about the warnings not entirely original – but putting this down to the Provo’s ‘Britishness’ is a spiffing line.

  2. I don’t have a password to comment but if I could have I would have said, “As a Pacifist I viewed this as funny with with some grains of salt. I believe without the gentleman bombers of the IRA, all of Ireland, instead of just the Northern 6 counties, might still be British Subjects.

    Jack Smith

    PS Why is a password necessary to share ones thoughts?

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    • a password is necessary because some cowardly types, like paul larkin-coyle or whatever he calls himself, hide behind fictional names to send abusive messages – i don’t see why i should indulge them……

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