Help Kickstart World War III!

Thanks to one of my favourite websites, Naked Capitalism for this:

4 responses to “Help Kickstart World War III!

  1. I’ll be sharing this on social media. Can I donate with Bitcoin…?

  2. Brill . . . but don’t let the yanks see it . . . they’ll believe it!

  3. Very clever spoof that is not far from the truth–. as a prescient editorial titled “Obama is a Puppet”.in the Rock Creek Free Press said years ago– Obama has no real power–he is a just a tool of the military industrial complex–we are witnessing this more and more everyday.–

  4. Reblogged this on Míle Gaiscíoch and commented:
    I too am a scholar on social policy and a barista, and I support this message. I’ve also been bragging about being a “Republican” lately….Chucky R. Blog (follow my tweets from the refugee camp)

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