Chucky Ar Troll!

I post these two stories without comment, since comment seems unnecessary. The first is from the Irish edition of the Daily Mirror, dated Saturday, September 7th, 2013. The second is from the same day’s Irish Examiner. Good luck with your new career in Sinn Fein, Chris (p.s. someone suggested a better headline for this piece so I have altered it; apologies to Irish language purists).


Irish Daily Mirror:

Chris Andrews says he has joined Sinn Fein to make the changes Ireland needs

7 Sep 2013 17:24

He claims Fianna Fail no longer represents the ideals of its founders

Former Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrews has said his decision to join Sinn Fein was based on the party’s commitment to pursue the changes that Ireland needs.

The national executive earlier accepted his application to join its ranks just a year after he left the party his grandfather founded.

Mr Andrews said going to a new party was not an easy decision as his family has been involved in Fianna Fail since its foundations.

“But it has become very clear to me that the party no longer represented the ideals or values of its founders, including my grandfather,” he said.

“I left Fianna Fail in 2012 following a long period of disillusionment at how distant the party had become from ordinary people suffering the brunt of social and economic problems.

“I have joined Sinn Fein because I firmly believe that it is genuinely committed to pursuing the political, social and economic change that Ireland now requires.

“My decision has been influenced by my first-hand experience of Sinn Fein’s work at community level, its role in the Peace Process, its strong commitment to a united Ireland and its track record on international solidarity.

“As someone who is advocating change I must be willing to change personally and politically.”

Mr Andrews, who served as a TD for Dublin South-East, is hoping to run in the next local elections in the Ringsend area.

He said the problems that Ireland faces require a major political and economic change.

“I do not believe that such change can be delivered through Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or Labour,” he added.

“Nor can it be delivered by ‘Independents’.”

Mr Andrews is the nephew of David Andrews, a former Fianna Fail minister who helped negotiate the Good Friday Agreement, and his grandfather Todd Andrews helped found Fianna Fail.

He resigned from Fianna Fail last year following a social media controversy and clash with party leader Micheal Martin.

It emerged the 49-year-old set up a phoney Twitter account which he used to criticise Mr Martin and other figures within the party.

He was discovered after Eddy Carroll, husband of senior party figure Kathryn Byrne, used video and photo surveillance to catch him in the act.

Sinn Fein party whip Aengus O Snodaigh said he was pleased to welcome Mr Andrews into the party.

“Both Chris and I have worked on campaigns together and indeed were shipmates on the 2008 and 2011 freedom flotillas to Gaza,” he added.

“I have known Chris for a long time and regard him a person genuinely committed to building a better country for all our citizens.”

Irish Examiner:

Andrews in fresh SF tweets controversy

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Former Fianna Fáil TD Chris Andrews has been left red-faced just hours before he applies to join Sinn Féin after a series of tweets emerged in which he accused the party of being corrupt, referred to the IRA murder of Jean McConville, the Northern Bank raid and “the number of people Sinn Féin reps have killed over the years”.

Using a phoney Twitter account he also insinuated that Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams was a member of the IRA — an accusation widely believed but always denied by the SF leader.

Later today Sinn Féin’s national executive is expected to consider an application from the son of the late Fianna Fáil MEP Niall Andrews to join the party with a view to running in next summer’s local elections in Dublin.

However, it has emerged that Chris Andrews, 49, made a series of highly critical tweets of Sinn Féin in March and April of 2012 from the same phoney Twitter account @brianformerff which he used to criticise Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin and other figures within the party.

On that occasion he was uncovered after the husband of a senior FF party figure used video and photo surveillance to catch him in the act. He admitted the tweets were his and resigned from the party before a disciplinary process was begun.

In this latest embarrassment he engaged with other Twitter account users saying “… given what SF has done to innocent people it’s a bit much listening to you pontificate”.

He mocks one Twitter user for “believing everything Mahon report says but doesn’t belive (sic) that Gerry Adams was in the IRA!”.

Referring to the brutal 1972 murder of Belfast mother of 10 Jean McConville who was abducted from her Belfast home, shot in the back of the head, and her body buried in a Co Louth beach, he tweeted, “Was it not corrupt to bury mother of 10 Jean Mc Conville. Is that acceptable to you. Selective outrage I thinks.”

Other tweets referred to “workers on their way to bank raids” and “so Ira never done bank robberies”. In 2004, £26.5m was robbed from the Northern Bank in Belfast. Both the British and Irish governments blamed the IRA for carrying out one of the biggest bank raids in UK history. Sinn Féin has denied the IRA was responsible.

Last year, Andrews was unmasked as the person behind the anonymous @brianformerff account which posted over 300 tweets, many highly derogatory of Micheál Martin and other senior FF party figures.

Days after being exposed in Aug 2012 Mr Andrews said: “I take full responsibility for it. It was the wrong thing to do. I regret doing it. For someone who is generally outspoken and not afraid to speak out, I regret that I did not say things publicly six months ago.”

Mr Andrews is a grandson of one of Fianna Fáil’s founders Todd Andrews and a nephew of David Andrews, a former Fianna Fáil minister who helped negotiate the Good Friday Agreement.

Yesterday, Mr Adams would not be drawn on whether he believed Mr Andrews would be a suitable SF candidate.

Chris Andrews was not available for comment.

Fianna Fáil also refused to comment.

4 responses to “Chucky Ar Troll!

  1. Fianna Fail is well rid of Andrews..who seems somewhat unstable and Sinn Fein would be foolish to welcome him.

  2. Novel headline – ‘Politician speaks with forked tongue’!
    I find that hard to believe. lol.

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