Boston College Subpoenas – New Links

In an escalation of the campaign to resist the PSNI/US Department of Justice invasion of the Boston College oral history archives, we have created a website which gathers together all the publicly available documents & articles about the affair, opened a Facebook page and activated a Twitter feed on developments.

This supplements our recent attempt to intervene legally in the case with a strategy devised by our lawyer Eamonn Dornan. You can read about that here.

Here is the website.

The Facebook page:

And finally, Twitter.

7 responses to “Boston College Subpoenas – New Links

  1. Keep up the good fight Ed, in the words of Mr Adams “the truth will out”. And when it does he will not be a happy man!

  2. good job Ed The more publicity the better. No point in going silently into the night.

  3. speak for yourself kateyo – i am not a republican but a journalist fighting to prevent the state from stealing my work and undermining the effort to record history – if other people want to divide into camps about the fight that’s their business – this is a free speech issue, straight and simple, with implications that go way, way beyond the narrow, incestuous world that you refer to. but thanks for the compliment about the sites.

  4. the subject matter may concern republicans (although there are also UVF interviews that could be put at risk if this effort succeeds) but the consequences affect many, many more people, historians and journalists for instance, not just in ireland but here in the US. the chilling effects on the process of collecting history at this usually neglected grass roots, activist level will be felt profoundly and wide if the PSNI/DoJ get their way. against that background the internal argument roiling irish republicans is a minor matter indeed. one of the reasons we started this archive was to capture memories while those who held them were still alive. if we had taken on board those considerations you mention re the feelings of the bereaved and stilled our hand the opportunity would have been lost and there would only be graves, no voices.

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