Adams To Run For The Aras In ‘25? Almost A Cert….

The Big Lad has survived because he is so cautious about taking risks. I mean did anyone ever see him fire a shot in anger during an IRA campaign that in no small way he helped to create and sustain? But it had always been part of the secret ThinkTank peace process plan that along with a ceasefire and Sinn Fein’s eclipse of the IRA and political rivals, Adams would run for the Irish presidency, assuming the rest of the plan worked out, which it has more or less. But he will not do it if there is a chance of defeat. If the opinion polls are accurate and Adams’ bum eventually does rest on whatever passes for a throne in the Aras, while Sinn Fein lords it in Leinster House, what will it say the Troubles were about?

2 responses to “Adams To Run For The Aras In ‘25? Almost A Cert….

  1. Christopher Owens

    Mairia Cahill has said that, if he does, she’ll run against him. Which will raise some awkward questions.

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