Who Was To Blame For The Northern Troubles?

Ulster University’s Emmet O’Connor has penned a weighty response to Liam Kennedy’s much-praised work (at least in some circles): ‘Who was responsible for the Troubles?’ Answer: mostly the Provos. O’Connor begs to differ with a conclusion he judges as too simplistic, as you can read here in the February edition of the Dublin Review of Books (for which I thank MH). Enjoy….

One response to “Who Was To Blame For The Northern Troubles?

  1. well i labored thru this. so many things the author of the book has wrong. tho it got confusing, which was the reviewer saying and which was the book author saying

    and the seemingly factual statements made by the reviewer, I think, like the Provos were created by a drive for a united ireland. so many other errors, like neither read your book., or refuse to take on your arguments.

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