Sinn Fein And The Queen’s Funeral……

I am told that the organisers of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral are bracing themselves for trouble over the Northern Ireland invitation list which apparently lays down the rule that the local political parties can only send one representative to the ceremony. The problem, apparently, is that both of Sinn Fein’s leaders, Michelle O’Neill in the North and Mary Lou McDonald in the South, would like to go but as things stand that is just not on. Maybe Gerry should give his buddy Charles a bell? Anyway, watch this space.

Thanks to HM for the tip…..

4 responses to “Sinn Fein And The Queen’s Funeral……

  1. surely Mary Lou is ROI no claim to ni invite as representative anyone

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  2. Dear oh dear. At least the new rank and file won’t have to be lied to.

    On a different note, any chance of a blog post about former RTE/Irish News journalists Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer
    who have just released a film about Hunter Biden via Breitbart?

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