A Classic Quote – Does It Still Define Unionism?

I discovered this quote, the opening words of an academic article by Donal Lavery titled: ‘Ulster Resistance and Loyalist rebellion in the Empire’, on the internet and thought it so well expressed a view that while rarely spoken, was taken as one of the givens of the conflict. It seems to me that if it still explains a substantial enough section of Unionism, then calling the Troubles ‘over’ is premature indeed…….

2 responses to “A Classic Quote – Does It Still Define Unionism?

  1. Based on today’s event on the Crumlin Road, I’d say it’s applicable.

  2. A few year later In the pages of ‘The Bell’ (circa 1923), Patrick Leahy, a northern Protestant clergyman, ‘maintained that the Ulsterman fears ‘principles’ not people, and that his Protestant faith is very dear to him, that his loyalty to the English monarch is dependent on the Protestant succession, and this his religion is rooted in Ulster, whereas the creed of the South is international and must be judged not in Ireland but by what happened all over the world’

    Hubert Butler, The Bell: An Anglo-Irish view

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