Staring Armageddon In The Face…..

Chris Hedges, an admirable and brave journalist, paints a terrifying picture of what could follow Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the West’s descent into mindless jingoism…..pray that he is wrong…….

One response to “Staring Armageddon In The Face…..

  1. On both sides of the Atlantic centrist ‘liberals’ are in the lead in agitating for a ‘no fly zone,’ and by extension direct war with Russia. They’re also the loudest voices calling for censorship and legal repression. Unfortunately for these armchair Generals, Russia is not Syria or Iraq. Neither of these countries had real armies, air-forces or air defences. This will not be a ‘computer game’ war for Europe and the US. NATO has spent decades attacking goat-herders, wedding parties. It cannot defeat a conventional army on conventional terms. Any escalation will almost inevitably lead to nuclear confrontation.

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