The Loyalist Campaign Against The Irish Sea Border……

When this number of people brave these conditions to make a protest about something, it’s a sure sign it is a serious matter…..

3 responses to “The Loyalist Campaign Against The Irish Sea Border……

  1. 500? 1000?
    You can try a rough count.

  2. Does Sinn Fein need around a thousand people to march in the snow?

    These protests, minuscule compared to Ulster Says No, or even Drumcree, or even, actually, the flag protests, are unfocused.

    There’s no readily identifiable enemy, despite constant attempts to pin it on Dublin or Brussels.

    The DUP are trying to get some votes out of this, but it won’t work. Unionism has splits within the splits. Their leaders have been hopelessly out-manoeuvred by London.

    In all reality and seriousness, what can loyalists do that will have any impact?

    Morale and apathy within unionist voting circles is far prevalent than these protest events.

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