So, Farewell Kincora, Will Your Secrets Die With You?

Kincora, the boys’ home in East Belfast where youngsters were sexually abused for years, nearly destroying Ian Paisley’s political and religious career and bringing the two Unionist parties to both physical and political blows, is to be demolished.

It ought to have been preserved and made into a museum dedicated to government indifference, police incompetence and, most probably, MI5 callousness. To remind readers, one of the Kincora staff was William McGrath, head and founder of Tara, the Loyalist paramilitary group into whose ranks the post-Malvern St UVF flocked until it resumed violence with the November 1971 bombing of McGurk’s Bar in North Belfast.

MI5 had at least one well-placed agent in Tara who was close to McGrath, yet, we are told to believe, knew nothing about his abuse of young boys. And I am the King of the Congo. How do you do?

Type ’Kincora’ into thIs site’s search bar and you will find plenty of reading.

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